Using Behavioral Science to Launch Better

Dec 31, 2019 | Behavioral Science, Blog, Data Science | 0 comments

The Old Fool’s Game

Traditional marketing can be an old fool’s game. I give the old ‘tried-and-true’ methods credit but our fast-paced world of today requires more creativity to get and stay noticed. With so much on the line, it’s crucial to have a plan you can trust, a plan you know is backed by more than just someone’s gut instinct. You need a plan backed by behavioral science

Behavioral Science Isn’t New

Behavioral science isn’t new; people have been studying human behavior forever but only recently has it been making an impact in the marketing world. Behavioral science digs into our habits and decision making, searching for the why of it all. Why do we go out of our way to get the brand we like? Why do we spend more on one product when there are cheaper options out there? Why do we not want to commit to a ninety-minute movie but then watch three hours of the same TV show over and over again? Understanding the why behind our actions is integral to understanding why you’re designing this product in the first place. 

The Why of it All

Behavioral science can help you understand the real why behind your consumer’s actions. We’re not buying products anymore, we’re buying solutions to our problems. I don’t buy a plunger because I love plungers, I buy insurance against an embarrassing and potentially messy situation. When designing your product, you must keep in mind how it will fit into a consumer’s life, how they’ll use it or interact with it in the real world. That’s what makes product launching using behavioral science different – we’re not trying to sell a product, we’re trying to make our customer’s lives better. That can only be done when you know who the customer is. 

Find Your People

Using behavioral science, we can find and grow an audience of people specifically interested in your type of product. We bond better with those who we know, who we’re close to. When you know your audience, you can begin building that bond with content designed just for them. Instead of bland statements made to appeal to the masses, you can speak directly to your audience with information relevant to them, while at the same time establishing yourself as an expert in the field because you’re putting out detailed content of substance instead of flashy crap.  When you’re a trusted expert in the field, people will pay attention when you have something to say and will get excited when you have something new for them. 

It comes down to this – humans are social creatures who long for connection. We want to be heard. We want to listen. We want someone to understand but not judge our issues. And when we spend our money on something we want to trust that it will improve our lives in some way. Behavioral science is important to a product’s success because humans are important to a product’s success.



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