The Intent Project

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The Intent Project

Today we’re presenting version one of The Intent Project, Gray Otter’s newest form of evaluating and revealing the hidden intent behind the decisions we make. 

A wise, old wizard once said “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” How we choose to live our lives is far more important than how ‘good’ we are at it. We are the product of our decisions, the lump sum of every yes or no, left or right, coffee or tea, and every other choice we’ve ever made.

We are not wizards (unfortunately) but we do use something close to magic – science. Sarah Bruns, Gray Otter’s founder and CEO, has been studying human behavior for more than fifteen years. That research has lead to hidden intent, the idea that our decisions are driven by underlying motivations we’re not aware of.

Why is Hidden Intent Important?

Hidden intent matters because it’s the core of who we are as people. If decisions make us, we should want to know why we decide the way we do. What drives those decisions also drives us, and can be the key to living a better life.

The Intent Project was designed to use those drivers for behavioral change. We’re more aware of our decision making process when we understand what motivates our actions. So much of our lives are on autopilot that we can walk through an entire day only to look back and not remember any of it. We’re sideline spectators to our own existence.

The first step to changing a bad habit is digging into why you do it in the first place. Many of us share bad habits but we all have unique reasons for doing them. Perhaps you spend too much time playing video games because you’re putting off writing that story you’re afraid of messing up. Maybe you get a thrill from victory so video games are your easy fill of winning. Or maybe all your friends play together and you don’t want to be left out.

The point is, changing your life doesn’t have a single cure all. You have to know why you are motivated in order to change your behaviors.

If you’ve ever questioned why you’ve done something, if you’re tired of feeling like your life is on autopilot, or if you’d just like to know yourself a little bit better, The Intent Project is for you.



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