Hacking Growth with Data Driven Content

At Gray Otter, we offer data science and content creation services in either a convenient subscription package, or through customized projects tailor-made for your organization.

Data Science

Our exclusive data science services are designed to identify opportunities that will help you grow.
They can also be used to tell you what your audience wants and how best to grab their attention.

STANDARD (subscription)


Ongoing insight to make good growth decisions.


  • Access current data on an ongoing basis
  • Get personalized insight to make decisions
  • Discover new opportunities for growth
  • Learn exactly your audience wants 
  • Identify the right content to focus on



Customized data-driven strategies to help you grow.


  • Discover what your audience really wants
  • Learn about your competition and how to win
  • Gain Insight for new products/services
  • Learn where to focus your marketing efforts
  • Make better growth decisions, faster

Data + Content

Our data driven content creation services are designed to help you reach and engage your ideal audience.
Using unique data science methods, we craft content centered around user intent.

STANDARD (subscription)


Ongoing compelling content to attract and engage online.


  • Get more web traffic with SEO friendly copy
  • Rank higher with Google with great content
  • Increase visitor conversion rates online
  • Focus only on the content that matters
  • Create content your audience will love



Customized data-driven content to help you grow.


  • Get help creating content for big projects
  • Use data science to drive content strategy
  • Learn what your audience wants, and deliver
  • Get content designed around user intent
  • Create content your audience will love

We’re using social data science and the Intent Model to hack growth.  

Case Study: Winning the Google Game

Learn how Gray Otter reversed years of declining sales for a struggling business in just a few months.

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