The Intent Project Test

We make roughly 35,000 decisions every single day.

Many of those decisions are made either automatically, or so quickly that we respond without really thinking about what we’re doing. 

How we respond to decisions determines the type of person we turn out to be. Because decision making shapes so much of our character, it’s important we know what drives those decisions. Understanding the motivation behind our actions helps us recognize why we make certain decisions and how we can make better decisions in the future. 

The Intent Project will also help business owners better understand their clientele. You can build deeper connections with your audience and drive growth by speaking directly to what motivates them.

We designed The Intent Project so we could better understand what drives our decisions, as well as our natural intent for the choices we make (even when we don’t realize we’re making them). This assessment will reveal the hidden intent behind most of the things that you do. Want to find out what drives you? Click the button below to begin!