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Powering Change through

the Science of Intent.


At Gray Otter, we’ve revolutionized how data is used in online decision-making. Instead of focusing on what users do, we focus on why. Our Intent Model works to predict and understand the purpose behind user behavior – providing direction for streamlined content strategies that gets your users where they want to go, fast. Here’s how it works:


A Trigger is a catalyst that sets off a chain of events leading to an action. It is commonly an event that highlights a need or desire a person is compelled to fulfill.


A powerful trigger elicits an emotional response. We feel something about our needs and how we are going to fulfill them. This is a powerful influence on our decision-making.


This is where our rational brain comes into play. We are wired to weigh options, defend reasoning, and justify intent before taking action.


Here, we take all the previous considerations and make a choice based off of what we believe will bring the most desired outcome.


Finally, we make a move. We click buy, we download a resource or we subscribe to an email list. If we can predict and understand intent, we can use marketing strategies to influence action.

Case Study: Winning the Google Game

Learn how Gray Otter reversed years of declining sales for a struggling business in just a few months.

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