What Makes Gray Otter Unique?

At Gray Otter, we use the Intent Model — an exclusive data science method designed to predict and influence behavior — both online and in the real world.

We’re changing how data science is used in online decision-making.

Instead of focusing on what users do, we focus on the why.
Our Intent Model works to predict and understand the purpose behind user behavior.
Knowing what your audience wants is important. Knowing why they want it is invaluable.
This knowledge gives you the ability to personalize content that will attract and engage.
If you align your growth efforts with your user’s intent, you will win — every time.

The Nerdy Stuff… 

At Gray Otter, we’re working on a concept we refer to as “Artificial Intent.” In the realm of Artificial Intelligence, and drawing from Artificial Empathy, Artificial Intent is a social data science method used to identify and analyze content and user behavior both online and in the real world. With data mining we identify emotion, study context, and predict user intent, based on interactions and behavioral patterns.

We study what users do, or don’t do, in certain situations. We study the emotion conveyed by specific verbiage patterns. We study content — in context. We study social media and website interactions. We study email, live chat, and text verbiage. We study web traffic and transactional and historical data. In a nutshell, we live for predictive analytics.

We believe understanding user intent is key to attracting the right audience and engaging them in a way that entices them to want more. Our research has revealed that verbiage (in context) and studying emotion are the keys to discovering hidden intent — the real reason a user is compelled to make a decision or take an action.


We believe the Intent Model can help any organization achieve the impossible.

Case Study: Winning the Google Game

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