So you’ve got your company and you’ve created your product, now how do you attract and keep future customers?

This isn’t something Mr. Smith taught you in your Junior year marketing class (though maybe it is, I don’t think we went to the same high school)… this is something that changes frequently with the ebbs and flows of modern marketing. In order to attract the intended audience, it is absolutely crucial that you adopt a content strategy that works for you and with you. 

What is Content Strategy?

Content Strategy is, simply put, a plan for your “stuff” to follow. You may have all these great ideas and products to launch and show the world, but the key is to do so effectively. You wouldn’t sell highly caffeinated energy drinks at 10pm, right? The intended audience would most likely be missed, unless your intended audience is college kids studying for midterms. Anyway, you get the point. In order to display content to the right people at the right time, you need a content strategy! Let’s get started. 

First, as with many projects or goals, you must do some keyword research. By conducting keyword research, you are learning the jargon of your customer. Your customer may search an entirely different keyword than what you assumed, resulting in a missed opportunity for your product to pop up. Extend your search a little further to find the questions your customers are asking. Maybe your customer is interested in purchasing an energy drink, but only if it’s sugar-free. Identifying these longer searches can really help your content strategy. 

Start With Good Research

A simple trick to adopt: put your keyword into Google and take note of the “People also ask” as well as “Related searches.” These results will show you what people are searching for in relation to your keyword. If you are aware of what people are searching, you can adjust your wording to benefit your company, as well as attract your future customers! 

Closely related to keyword research, a good research session about your audience is also important. Chances are, you created a product or service to help a specific group of people. With that in mind, conduct some research about what that group wants/needs most often. If you can narrow this down, you will have a greater chance of reaching the correct audience. Get to know your customers, understand their intent, create a relationship! People will greatly appreciate the effort. 

Share the Wealth

Additionally, you may want to consider incorporating social media into your content strategy. We tend to have a love-hate relationship with the idea of social media. The bottom line is, it’s a huge part of our culture today, and ignoring it will not make it go away. So, embrace it! Social media is the fastest way to reach a targeted audience. Use it to your advantage. Also keep in mind which social media platform would serve you best. Chances are, LinkedIn would not be ideal for promoting energy drinks. Perhaps Twitter or Instagram would give you a greater following! Keep your target audience in mind here as well, which platform would your audience use more? 

Get Organized

The final, and potentially most important step, is to create a content schedule! Randomly posting and occasionally sending out emails won’t get you anywhere. Develop a schedule with all of your key research concepts (keyword, audience, social media), and stick to it! Having a clear plan will eliminate confusion and encourage productivity. If you know you need to create a blog by Tuesday or you’ll miss a target, you’re going to create a blog by Tuesday. Organization. Is. Key. 

Developing a Content Strategy could be the difference between a failed project and a successful start-up. If you put the effort into your research, the rest will follow smoothly. Overwhelmed with the task of creating your own data-driven content strategy? We can make it easier! Start a conversation to learn more. 



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