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Engineering Growth for Impossible Wins.

What could a Growth Team do for you?

We work with organizations who want more.

What does a “win” mean for your business? It looks different for every company. Maybe you’re a nonprofit that wants to gain three new donors next month, maybe you’re a small e-commerce company that needs attention in an oversaturated market, or maybe your business is in dire need of a significant boost in sales. The online game is tough, but no matter how many odds are stacked against you – Gray Otter has the tools, strategy and insight to get you your win.

The Growth Team Strategy

Our team has a passion for the science of influencing behavior. Our work is driven by the Intent Model, an in-house data science method designed to predict and influence user behavior online. Using a combination of your company data and external user information, we identify your audience’s intent. Then, we craft streamlined content strategies that will attract leads and increase conversions.

• Driven by Data.
• Expressed through Content.
• Presented on the Web. 
• Powered by Intent.

Social Data Science, Content, Web. Identify, Attract & Engage your audience.



We use our custom software to identify the best opportunities for online growth.


Social Data Science

Our team analyzes patterns and trends in your company’s online data to predict user intent when visiting your site.



Through user-focused inbound marketing, you will see consumer relationships and conversion rates spike.



We continually develop research methods, data models, and software to better understand intent.

Case Study: Winning the Google Game

Learn how Gray Otter reversed years of declining sales for a struggling business in just a few months.

What is Gray Otter all about?

Simplicity. Growth. Innovation. Teamwork. Fun. Learning. Significance.

What We Do:

At Gray Otter, we’ve revolutionized how data is used in online decision-making. Instead of focusing on what users do, we focus on why.

How We Do It:

Our team uses software, social data science and conversion strategies to apply the insights of the Intent Model to win online.

Who We Are:

We are a team of social data scientists, storytellers and designers with a passion for influencing online behavior.

Why We Do It:

We work with online data to further our understanding of The Intent Model and its capacity to bring positive social change to the world.

Intent Model

At Gray Otter, we’ve revolutionized how data is used in online decision-making. Instead of focusing on what users do, we focus on the why. Our Intent Model works to predict and understand the purpose behind user behavior – providing direction for streamlined content strategies that gets your user where they want to go, fast. Here’s how it works:

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