Data Driven Content to Help You Grow

Find Opportunities.    Create Better Content.    Engage your Audience.

Do you struggle to make the right growth decisions?

Do you know where to focus your marketing efforts?

Do you know what your audience is looking for?

Do you know how to engage online?

Are you struggling to get more website traffic?

Are you overwhelmed with options and need guidance?

We use Social Data Science to identify, attract, and engage your audience.

What could it do for you?

Fast-track Growth

Identify easier opportunities, discover what your audience wants, and drive growth quickly.

Captivate your Audience

Learn how to use compelling content to attract and engage online.

Measure Results

Gain insight from data to track results and enhance your strategy moving forward.

At Gray Otter, we offer data science and content creation services in either a convenient subscription package, or through customized projects tailor-made for your organization.

Sofia is an exclusive data science method designed to identify opportunities that will help you grow. It can also be used to tell you what your audience wants and how to best grab their attention.

Talia is a data driven content creation service designed to help you reach and engage your ideal audience. Using unique data science methods, we craft content centered around user intent.

What Makes Gray Otter Unique?

Our work is driven by the Intent Model: an exclusive data science method designed to predict and influence behavior online and in the real world. We use data about both your existing and potential audiences to identify their intent. We also use data to craft content designed to get their attention, keep them engaged, and drive growth.

Who We Work With





E-commerce companies

Higher education institutions 

Hospitality industry 

Commercial real estate 

Sports teams



…And more!

Case Study: Winning the Google Game

Our growth efforts in action

Learn how Gray Otter increased sales for one e-commerce company by 80% in only one year

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